Serving the physical and financial sectors, Source commands a major presence in all energy and energy-related markets. 


Source boasts substantial expertise in the physical power, financial power, power options, structured transactions, and electric capacity markets across North America. We offer transparency, efficient price discovery, and seamless execution which gives our clients the leading edge alongside a broad array of transactional services.  


With broad market coverage in the emissions and renewables arena, Source facilitates deals and provides the best in timely market assessments in multiple regions. The opportunities in this market are now widely recognized, and we are in the best position to structure and negotiate deals among developers, end users, energy service providers, marketers, traders and utilities. As participation in the environmental markets continues to increase, Source is the right choice to leverage the expanding opportunities for liquidity.  


Source provides an array of brokerage services for trading instruments in the natural gas market through efficient pricing and structuring. We are a market leader specializing in natural gas futures, derivatives, and options contracts cleared on commodity exchanges.


Offering a full complement of market execution services, we broker futures, OTC swaps and physical pipeline. Source ensures comprehensive coverage and transparency in this market.